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Class 1

Nature & Animal fun education with Hands On Activities - add us to your daily At-Home Learning.  Let’s start now -listen for the supplies needed for Nature Crafts and Grow Your Own Food!

Class 2

Today:  Meet the Turtles, Supplies To Gather, Visit Dogs, Making An Indoor Nature Area, Visit Cousin It, Indoor Plant Learning: Science and Propagating

Class 3

Today: Outdoor Walk -Watching Gardens Grow and bird watching. Have fun!

Class 4

Visit the Box Turtles Again;

Painting Rocks, Twigs and Pinecones;

Visit with Maxie the dog;

Learn how to grow plants from cuttings

Class 5

Dog Grooming Simplified: Includes Dog Nail Clipping. Bathing your dog will be an upcoming class. Thank you to Oreo our Shitzu Poodle Mix for being such a good model
Next class : start seeds indoors

Class 6.
Seed Starting Indoors
How To Grow Micro Green Indoors

Class 7
Front yard garden time
Grooming Maxie the shepherd husky rescue dog- leaving the fur out for the birds to build Spring nests
Filling the bird feeders
Our vegetable seeds arrived!!!
More on Micro Greens
How Snake plants help you sleep
Note to watchers: although there are children’s voices in this video please know that we are all practicing social distancing- children and parents alike plus not gathering in groups. We are all working hard to flatten the curve. Even the seed box was sanitized before opening.

Class 8

Morning with the Box Turtles

Leonard and Pasqual

Try their new bathtub

Class 9

Mudcake Making

- perfect for a sunny day

Micro-green Harvesting

: grow them indoors on a sunny windowsill- add to smoothies, sandwiches, salads, they

are packed with nutrients.

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